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Stefan, Silke & “Fender” Say Thank You!

At last – after almost 2 years – we would like to thank Francis and his perfect rescue team!

Quick recap (or introduction): we are the German couple from the PDX British’ 4×4 Adventures website (http://blog.pdxbritish.com/blog). The background for our 2 year driving expedition was that we had saved money over the course of four years, modified our Land Rover Defender TD5 110, shipped the vehicle across the Atlantic and started an America tour in May 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland.

After only four months of driving through Canada and Alaska, the Defender was leaking diesel and oil heavily. The official Land Rover dealership repair shop in Anchorage could not help us with a small electric problem and also it would have been quite expensive, so we decided to search for an independent workshop – for an expert who is able to repair something and not only changing parts. Internet research pointed us to PDX British in Portland and we decided to show up on a Monday morning without having an appointment.

Francis, the owner, quickly detected the leak but had bad news for us as well: “There are particles of brass in the transfer case. It seems that some seals took leave.”

We thought this would mean the end of our travel – and our plan of driving through whole America, from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, the “land of fire”. But Francis was awesome! He invited us to his home so we could stay there while he and the team worked on the Defender in order to make it roadworthy again. His wonderful wife Elsa and their charming girls heartily took care of us.

We didn’t need to order a new and expensive transfer case because PDX British repaired the old one and it is still working! Francis found and fixed even the electric malfunction which Land Rover Anchorage couldn’t find and gave up after 6 hours.

You immediately notice that Francis loves Land Rovers. He has a lot of specialist knowledge and showed a keen sense of our vehicle and our needs for the trip. Therefore he did fit “Fender” with an extra booster button so the car couldn’t overheat e.g. in places like the Death Valley. He also replaced brake pads, employed more effective lamps inside the Defender and even paid attention to the chipped varnish!

After three weeks working on the Defender and a test drive we regained the trust in our expedition vehicle and had no more fears of breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to PDX British and Francis! Everything was so perfect on the car that we continued travelling one and a half years, through more than 17 countries without any difficulties and made it from tip to toe of America. At least we drove approx. 53,000 miles and PDX British assisted us greatly.

If we had a problem, we contacted Francis and Elsa via Skype and they wound send us spare parts and other urgently required equipment to Central and South America. It was fantastic to experience the dedication and support by PDX British, a great help across all land borders.

In contrast to other shops, we were not ripped off monetary-wise during our desperate situation, but our undertaking was supported by PDX British with all available means.

We even received a laptop as a free gift so we could stay in contact and transmit pictures, reports and the current position of the journey by e-mail. And PDX Rovers sponsored us with T-shirts, a headlamp, German gummy bears 😉 and a lot more.

Our trip report was placed on the PDX British website and a photo blog link (http://blog.pdxbritish.com/blog) was created by Elsa. After that it was possible for our families and friends to track the expedition and share our amazing and great experience.

One year later in October 2009, we had a super reunion with Francis and his son Terry in Lima, Peru. He showed us the city, the harbour and introduced us to excellent Peruvian food. With 6 people in our Defender we made an excursion to Ticlio mountain pass, at an incredible altitude of 15807 feet. We were also invited to the fabulous wedding of his brother. Afterwards, the four of us travelled together for one week – from Lima over the Andes to Cusco. Francis shared his great insider knowledge with us about Peru and the Inca culture and it was an amazing time – among others the visit to the legendary Machu Picchu being an unforgettable highlight.

We most warmly recommend PDX British. And we don’t say so only because we made friends. We believe they can help you with any problem – and charge a fair price. Look and see for yourself!

We also congratulate Bend British on their first anniversary! We would love to visit the new shop in Bend and experience Francis’ “Super Rover” live.

On a final note, we hereby invite Francis and his family to come to Germany, so we can show them our Bavarian region.

Your most loyal customers,
Stefan, Silke & “Fender”

Update: Francis and his family did indeed visit Stefan & Silke after they had successfully completed the 2 year long driving excursion from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. Not only did they show their new and exciting Defender 110 modification, but they also showed us Bavaria which we came to love. And we got to meet their first-born, Julian.

Heidi & Adam

Dear Francis & Terry:

We are writing to express our appreciation of you and all the folks at PDX British. Since we began having our Discovery cared for at PDX Rovers, the problems we experienced with our vehicle have disappeared and our driving pleasure has increased immeasurably. We are grateful for the times each of you takes to explain what is happening with our vehicle and the nature of the repairs required to keep it operating in tip-top shape. Undoubtedly, we would have given up on Land Rover if it weren’t for you. We are looking forward to our next purchase, a Range Rover Sport. We are grateful for the day we met you!

We sincerely appreciate your dedication to service!

Best Regards,

Heidi & Adam


PDX British has serviced my Land Rover Discovery since 1998, and it has been both a wonderful experience owning a Land Rover, as well as the best business relationship I’ve ever had. Since meeting them back then, we’ve been through a lot together. They see me, and instantly drop what they’re doing to say hi, give me a hug, and ask me about my children, which all have been born after knowing them. I’ve never had a relationship like that with an auto shop, its like having a family doctor, that works exclusively on my Land Rover. I’ve forwarded many people to them over the years, and all of them have thanked me profusely. The Watson family is truly a good one. They’ve never done me wrong, have always been straight forward with me when I needed serious repairs, and they have always left me with a smile on my face after leaving them. The best part about doing business with them is how obsessed they are with retaining long term clients like me, vs getting you in the door and screwing you like the Dealer. I don’t write reviews often, but I’m compelled to share my experience with people. You can’t go wrong with PDX Rovers. They may not give you the news you were hoping for on your Rover, but they will tell you the truth, and they will devote themselves to your vehicle, and to you, as it you were just part of the family. That’s the magic of PDX British. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

– Michelle

Kev & Julia

Excellent service: Very friendly, fast, and helpful. Thank you!

My wife and I needed a new place to have our 2003 discovery serviced. We were extremely impressed on their knowledge about these vehicles. In addition we had our oil changed and power steering leak fixed in 1.5 hours. You guys proved to us that you were faster, better quality of work and a heck of a lot more friendly than any other shop we’ve been to. I strongly recommend that anyone with a land rover should check these guys out first because they treat you like family and charge a very fair price. Two thumbs up from us, were definitely coming back, we never knew how much you can customize these rovers.

Thanks – Kev & Julia

Michael R

Unfathomably Good Service

Dear Terry,

I just wanted to write you and tell you how impressed I was with your caring attitude and fantastic service. Last Friday we spoke after you were able to diagnose the problem of my Land Rover. You informed me that an alternator fuse had burned out and it was very rare for that particular fuse to go out. You did not have any in stock and you had to order it from the dealer who also happened to be out of them. That meant the dealer had to order a new fuse and it may not be available to you until the following Tuesday. Since it was a Friday you said you didn’t want to see me without transportation over the entire weekend so you swapped out my fuse with one from one of your own cars so that I could pick up my car the same day. Not having a car until more than likely the following Tuesday would have been a major inconvenience for my family and I really appreciated what you did because you didn’t have to do it. You did it because you cared.

On top of that my radio had also stopped playing and after a few minutes you were able to diagnose the problem to be another blown fuse. You replaced it for free. You could have told me anything. You could have said that a dozen different things were wrong and charged me whatever you wanted to charge me and I would have had to believe you but instead you were honest. You said it was only a fuse. I say this in the hopes that other people can one day read this and know that in an industry where companies seem to be only concerned about how much money they can make there are still people like you and companies like PDX British who actually want to help people and provide them with good, honest service. I hope that you keep up the good work and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I meet who owns a Rover.

Sincerely, Michael R


March 5, 2011

I decided to try a new shop after a bad experience with the shop I had been using. PDX British had my Discovery II in and out today in record time and everything looks perfect! I was quoted nearly 2x the price from a different shop that I had been using, I won’t mention them here. The service manager I worked with showed me several unnecessary repairs and costs that were added to the previous estimate. I was skeptical at first – I was being quoted 1/2 the price and less than 1/2 the time to complete the work as the previous shop had quoted. SURE ENOUGH everything is perfect now and I am more than satisfied. I will refer everyone here and I am now a lifetime (of my rover) customer. THANK YOU PDX British!!

– Barry

Zach R.

PDX British is the only place that I have and will take my Rover. Their wonderful, knowledgeable staff always help me out in a jam, and they stand behind the quality work they provide. Thank you PDX British!

– Zach R.

Nathan D.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to PDX British. I was down the road at the LR Dealership today getting replacement wiper blades for my 1999 Discovery II. My wiper arm was also off as I have had some experience with it slipping off track. Well, today your son Terry saw me in the LR parking lot struggling with the wiper arm post mechanism as I had a rusted washer stuck on the post which was causing my wiper arm problems.

Anyway, Terry gave me a PDX British coupon/flyer and told me if I couldn’t get it fixed myself to come by the shop and they would get me taken care of…………Well, I struggled with it for some more time and decided, why not take him up on the opportunity so I drove down the road and was immediately greeted by the shop staff…….I explained my issued and we pulled it into the shop. Terry then recognized me and came over to assist. Assist they did……What a great team you have at PDX British!!!!! They not only were able to get the stuck washer off of the post within seconds, and then put my wiper arm back on in great working condition, but they then said they would put on my new wiper replacement blades that I had recently purchase, but had yet to put on.

They replaced all wipers, one of which I had the wrong size, so they pulled one from their stock and put it on. I was also having some issues with a blinker bulb. They replaced not only the bulb, but another daytime running light bulb that was not working. Such a great service. Before today I had no idea who PDX Rovers was as I had always gone to the dealer for maintenance issues $$$$$$$.

I am so glad that I was approached by Terry today. It really goes to show that Great Customer Service and Great Kindness still exist in this world. I haven’t always had the greatest luck & service at the dealer down the road, so this really made my day. The 20 min of repair and additional bulbs, & replacement wiper blade was all given to me a no charge. Wow!!!! We shook hands and I was on my way with a promise to come back for any additional services or upgrades that I may need.

Thank you again!!!!

Your new customer, Nathan D.

PS: I also asked the guys to put some PDX British.com stickers on my Land Rover so that I could do my small part to proudly advertise your great company.

Scott J.


I feel compelled to send you a quick note about my recent experience at PDX British. Your staff has always impressed me by their friendliness and exceptional customer service, but this week was noteworthy.

I brought my car in to repair a coolant leak. I was aware that my brakes were in need of replacing, but I have been taking my cars to Les Schwab since learning to drive 30 years ago. So, I did not expect to have my brakes done during this visit. When I told your employee this, he mentioned that you give a very good warranty as well and he offered me a price that beat the estimate I received a few weeks ago from Les Schwab by more than $400.00!

The ability to understand my need for warrantied service at an affordable price reflects very positively on PDX British.

I will continue to pass positive reviews to people about PDX Rovers and thank you for making your industry-leading services and parts available at competitive prices.


Scott J., MBA/MM

Karis S-P.

Francis and the PDX Rovers Team,

Thank you so much for your expertise, time and patience! I came in for new windshield wipers and left with oh so much more work done and all work that needed to be done. Thank you for taking the time to find what was wrong. I appreciate you all!

– Karis S-P.


I must say when it comes to take care of a Range Rover you really need to find the perfect consultant for it, and we finally did and “PDX British” was the solution. Terry has been the perfect doctor for Neil’s Range R. and the entire team is always there to assist and the whole attitude is just great. Thank you Terry and team for keeping Rangy running in optimal conditions.
Now we wear our PDX T-shirts to promote a high quality buiness and also they look cool!

– Orly

Scott J.

I had been going to a different shop here in Portland to have my rovers serviced for several years. After experiencing PDX British’ rapid oil change service at a fraction of other shops. Besides an inexpensive oil change, I also received a list of 5 things wrong, estimates to repair them, and a prioritization rating. After getting these things repaired, I was given multiple discounts, including a military discount. Francis, Terry, and their entire crew have won me over as a new long-term PDX Rover’s customer!!

– Scott J.


PDX British told me that getting my gaskets done at a mom & pop shop down was not a good idea… And rather than pay the towing bill, I did it anyways. Within half the drive from there to town, my rangie started overheating big time… smoke… the whole works. Finally getting it to my beloved friends at PDX British, I learned that my motor had been cracked. 🙁 a crack that hadnt been there before the final overheat after the repair….. from top to bottom the other shop didn’t know what they were doing… PDX British not only fme up found me a fair priced used motor to meet my budget, but rebuilt it from the bottom up with reinforced gaskets, and a ton of other free goodies that I’d have had to pay separately for anywhere else. They take pride in the rovers they see!! All for very reasonable prices and warranty. Going on 9 months since the big meltdown and our rig is driving like a dream! Only oil changes now!!!

Thanks guys…. I won’t stray from your service bays again. The tow to pdx is always worth it!!!

– Gina


My disco was once a cluster-#$%^…. or so I thought.

Considering every bill at the dealer was over $1000! Having switched to PDX, not only are my repairs manageable, but they think in the long term; resolving issues more permanently for you as a customer rather than patching up notorious problems that will only last SO long before your back in for the same repair. Having saved up on repair bills, I turned to customization, something Terry and the rest of the boys at PDX have an uncanny enthusiasm for. 6 months later, and my ROVER is an off road MACHINE ready for the deserts of Africa and can make it up worse terrain than the Humvees back in Iraq. On that note, all of the above has always been easier considering the military discounts they’ve given me.

They take a refreshing pride in veterans that inspires this Marine. Semper Fi PDX British… and God bless…




Thank you for taking such good care of my truck. You and your guys have kept me on the trails and out of the poor house. I’ve been very pleased with all the work done at PDX-Rovers. You guys are knowledgeable, egger, and have great attitudes about their work and how to get things done; and your can do, positive attitude makes me think I can afford to make my truck the Trail Tank I want it to be. I know you guys have my best interest in mind. You seem to run a tight ship with a happy crew!

You guys are great to off-road with, too!

Thank you,

Brad (“Tank’s Handler”)

David J.

Salutations Terry,

Just had some work done on my 99 Disco, your staff was very knowledgeable and respectful of my financial situation and that any repairs I would need to pace myself. They pointed out the things that should take priority with an eye on preventative maintenance ultimately saving larger and more costly repairs in the future. The gentleman from Denmark… sorry forgot his name was very welcoming and straight up. The gift bag he provided me as a new customer was very cool shows customer service is important. In this day and age, good customer service is paramount!! Even better that he is a “Futbol” fan and discussed the World Cup with me!! I will definitely be back for future services needs and all oil changes from now on! Thanks for a great experience, oh by the way how can I get my hands on a couple of your PDX British decals…I am now on the bandwagon.

Thanks again.


David J.

Lisa N.

2 Great Locations, & A Company

PDX British & Bend British Staff:

We just got back to Portland safe and sound, you guys did wonderful work at your Bend location, they run things as smoothly & efficiently as you guys do up at PDX, and you have wonderful people working for you. I don’t know how you guys managed to open up shop in the Recession, but it must have something to do with how wonderful you guys are, your reputation precedes you wherever you go!!! Didn’t expect to see so many Rovers in Bend, but there were plenty for you to work on when I was in. I was very impressed. Any chance you’ll be opening a third location in the near future? Wishful thinking, I know. Thanks again guys, see you at the next oil change!

– Lisa N., Beaverton‎

Tucker H.

PDX British earned my trust

Francis is a very honest man. He’s always told me what I needed to hear, even when I didn’t want to hear it. And he’s always gone out of his way to provide me with exceptional service. If he diagnosed something wrong, he’d be the first to make it right. Once, my ABS brake pump went bad on me and Francis recommended a new one. They cost about $2300 new and I told him I couldn’t do it and that I would need to look for a used part. He still recommended against it, but then gave me the numbers of several salvage dealers and I made a few calls. One of the dealers near Los Angeles had what I needed and gave me a price of $550 for a used pump with new nitrogen ball. I called Francis and told him about it. He said, “That’s too much. You can get it lower than that.” I said that’s about as low as they’ll go and he said, let me work on it. Later that afternoon, he called me and told me he had found a pump with a new nitrogen ball for about $300. He only charged me $100 for labor, so I got the whole thing done for $400. That was over a year ago and the brakes in my Range Rover are excellent. PDX British has also replaced my head gaskets, because I was leaking oil and water. They replaced them with higher quality, aftermarket gaskets, replaced my spark plug wires, tuned me up, changed the oil and, while they were in there, Francis noted that the water pump was leaking as well and replaced it for no extra labor charge. Time and time again, Francis and his son Terry have worked with me to keep my Range Rover running smoothly, despite how many problems these vehicles inevitably come with. I had been having problem after problem with my hydraulic suspension system and finally had to be towed from Mt. Hood back into town. Terry suggested I put in a heavy duty, aftermarket spring system, which would cost me only about $200 more than repairing my hydraulic system. I couldn’t really afford it at the time, so he let me pay half upon completion and half when I could. Terry said, “I know you’re good for it” and handed me my keys. That’s the kind of service that keeps me coming back to PDX British

– Tucker H.


The best Rover Mechanics in town!

Francis has never let us down. He has always gone above and beyond to help us with our Rovers. His staff is great, especially his son Terry. We have been with PDX British for a decade now. Before that we were stuck with going to the overpriced dealer shop or going to a less knowledgeable shop. Francis is definitely the best and won’t disappoint.‎



Thank you so much for including me in the Bill Burke work shop!

It was great info and I met some new friends, not to mention the prizes and the cause.



Tammy R

Dear Francis, Terry and Elsa:

I just came from the PDX British’ sponsored 1/2 day 4×4 event with Bill Burke.

Amazing! What a great afternoon. I learned so much about my Land Rover, handling, and light off-roading. I now know that I can – with confidence – enjoy basic off-roading experiences.

Thank you to Bill and Rachel Burke for making the trip to Oregon. I cannot wait for them to come back!

I hope we can make off-roading a regular event for all of your PDX and Bend British customers!

Many thanks for a great day!

Tammy R

Stephan M.

I have had a 1999 Range Rover for the past three-plus years and Francis (the owner) has been both an excellent mechanic and a trustworthy friend to me & my car. Every time I bring my car to him he has been honest about what needs doing and what the costs would be.

A couple things I have been very impressed by are:
1. their diagnostic skills: They always take the time to really look at a problem and correctly identify the issue. This has saved me from replacing things that would have been expensive and unnecessary to do.
2. Quality of work: Every repair I get done is at least as good if not better then the dealer, and at a much lower cost. Their mechanics really know the Land Rover products and so this car now drives better then it did 3 years ago and 60000 miles ago.
3. Kindness: Francis is always understanding of my situation. There have been times I needed a big repair and I needed a little time to pay it off. Francis has always been willing to work with me so that it would meet my financial needs.
4. Good Stories: Francis is Peruvian and, having spent time in Peru myself, I have always just liked going over there to talk with him and hear what is going on. Francis really likes his customers and enjoys getting to know you. Finally, I am happy with my Range Rover now and I am moving to Boston with it – I do not think I will find someone who will take car of it as well as PDX British!

Sincerely, Stephan M.


PDX British is the best independent Land Rover repair garage in Portland. In fact it is probably the only one!

I bought a Range Rover when I moved out here 5 months ago and I struggled with the idea of buying a used foreign car. Most of the struggles came from not precisely knowing the history of it and the high costs of having to fix something. I knew I needed a 60k mile service done so I called Rasmussen, the Land Rover dealer. They wanted over $1,000 for it. Francis and PDX British did it for less than $500! Oil changes are only $25 if you go to their website and print off the coupon before you go.

PDX British have put my fears at ease and I know that I have an honest, thorough, and experienced auto mechanic that is very fairly priced. Now if only I can find an Audi guy for my wife’s car…


Tammy R.

So the check engine light came on, again. Of course, my LR just had a service so I knew she was in running order. 10 mins in Terry and Stig’s capable hands and “the gas cap wasn’t on tight” NO CHARGE. Fasty, fast oil change. In and out. I can count on PDX British to deal honestly with me. Their integrity is unmatched. Thanks Team PDX British!

Tammy R.


I first met Francis when the fuel pump on my 98 disco decided to die on me. I was very impressed by the fast repair time, great customer service and knowledgeable staff they had on hand. Francis was very easy to work with and was always eager to answer my questions regarding my Discovery.

Occasionally and issue will pop up with my car and it’s great to know that I can stop on by and have someone take a quick look to diagnose the problem. I highly recommend making appointments for your oil changes and small services seeing that they can be busy at times……but that only means one thing, a happy customer base that keeps coming back for more.

Thanks Francis – Nick

Keegan M.

I was recommended PDX British by …of all surprises, the Portland Dealership when they couldn’t find the source of the electrical problems in one of my Land Rovers. Having replaced the central computer already, I was in distress!

I was greeted with the most genuine people I’d met in a service industry, treating me like family. Better than that… they were family! Francis & Terry Watson, a father and son team, not only got in me in quick but held true a promise that they were different from the Dealer and would take care of me.

Lending me a Discovery that belonged to Peter, Francis’ brother and Parts Department guru, within a day they had not only solved my problem, but identified & fixed various other items that had long plagued me, from a bad cruise control to the wrong temp display on the A/C. All at no additional cost to the repair, which was already a happy price.

I consider PDX British and the whole family my friends. And I wouldn’t recommend a Land Rover be serviced anywhere else!

– Keegan M.

Joe C.

This shop is to be recommended to all Land Rover owners in the area! Francis Watson, along with his son Terry, is to be recommended for their willingness to go out of their way to help out stranded customers!

On our last visit, we requested a brake job to be done. When they were finished and testing the vehicle, the mechanics heard another sound coming from the car. On close inspection they found that our front drive-line was close to breaking! They recommended we not drive the vehicle any further. However, we live 70 miles away, and it was 5pm, and the shop did not have a driveline on hand.
This is when Francis and Terry shined. Instead of turning us away and leaving us stranded, they ordered the recently installed, new, front drive-line off of the shop’s project vehicle to be removed and installed on our vehicle so we could return home that evening.

This customer service goes above and beyond. Thank you for your professionalism! I will recommend you to everyone I know!

– Joe C.

Pastor Johnson

I’ve been taking my 1997 Land Rover Discovery Series I to PDX British since 1993, and feel compelled to write a strong review of these fantastic techs. As a Reverend, I could never dream to afford owning a Land Rover before PDX British opened business and overnight made owning one a pleasant affordable possibility for us all here in Portland. I’ve never been happier in any other vehicle, nor going to any other shop. The quality of repairs has always been utterly remarkable. Never has a problem stumped these folks for long, and my service bills have always been unprofitably low, considering the dramatically high prices of British Vehicle Parts. It also never ceases to amaze me how popular Land Rovers have become in Portland since the Dealership lost its monopoly on Land Rover service forever with PDX British entry into the market in the early 90’s. They were called Boulevard Imports then, and I was one of their earliest customers. Francis and the boys treat me like family, and do the same for every other customer that comes in to visit. Despite adversity, and crooked competitors, PDX British is filled brim to brim with good, trust worthy, and smart people, who you can see for yourself, want to take good care of you.

Thanks PDX British, you embody the best Humanity has to offer, God bless,

Pastor Johnson

Frank H.

PDX British, Just wanted to give you my praise for the wonderful work you all do for my family and all of Portland. I’ve been through at least six Dealerships as I’ve moved across the country, been through several British independent shops, and even a few ignorant regular sort mechanics, all of whom shadow in comparison to the wonderful company you all have created. I’ve used your devotion to your customers and honest family values embodied in the way you take care of us, multiple times in lectures to my students in Business School, and believe people like you are the future of American businesses, recognizing that genuine care of people combined with absolute quality of work, means permanent repeat customers like my family, and most of the other Land Rover owners in the Portland area. You also charge unbelievably low prices considering the quality of parts you insist on carrying for these Rovers, and all the extra goodies you always throw in our routine vehicle service. Your business model is profit in the long run, by volume, and your popularity makes that possible. I don’t know anyone as far as Land Rover owners go, that doesn’t use you, and those that don’t know about you already, will plenty of praise about you from this happy customer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, once again, Francis, Terry, Stig, Casey, and the rest of the guys at PDX British. I feel complete confidence on the road knowing you care for my Land Rover, and I always look forward to my next visit in your high tech Land Rover hospital. Once again, you guys are wonderful.

Frank H., Lake Oswego, Oregon

Dereck S.

Land Rovers are temperamental creatures. Treat them wrong, or take them to the wrong place, and like one of my teenagers, they often “act out”.

Having had WAY too many bad experiences with Land Rover of Portland, we had nearly given up on our Freelander, having already replaced an engine at less than 30,000 miles, and seemingly everything else you can put in an engine, not too long after that, I needed to find another way, or move on to another vehicle entirely.

The rest of Portland had obviously found its alternative to the Dealership, and at the recommendation of friends, I was soon to join the club!

But where to go? There are not many options as far as Land Rovers go, most mechanics will scratch their heads at any Land Rover problem, or worse, try to “fix” it ignorantly.

So I was recommended to try PDX British out.

People are what make or break an organization, the Dealership never figured that out, and from the moment I walked into this family business’s doors, I knew I had found
what I had been searching for all this time.

I was greeted with genuine kindness only true old fashioned family values can instill, Francis, the owner and father of the business, started small here in Portland, and through integrity, strong personality, incomparable technical knowledge, and a very loving family helping him run the business (his inspiring co-managing son Terry, lovely baby daughters, and even his brothe rPeter can be seen on a normal day inside the shop, taking beautiful care of their customers.

PDX British has grown to become THE exclusive LAND ROVER Service facility in the state of Oregon.
You can tell this by the sheer volume of Land Rovers parked in and around there shop on any given day, Recession or not, on my last visit, no less than 70 Land Rovers must have been in for service. Not that Rovers are breaking that often, but because OBVIOUSLY the entirety of Portland has found its alternative to the Dealership.

I’ve heard of others following in PDX British footsteps, specialists in boast only, but nothing can compare to the value, honesty, and warm feeling you get visiting this wonderful family.

They’ve saved my family’s butts (and budget) more times than I can count now, once even from the side of the Freeway with a fresh bottle of coolant and a three Rovers full of techs and family. Needless to say, we brought THEM a fresh bottle of wine on our next visit!

Francis, Terry, and PDX British staff, bless your hearts, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I would not be a Land Rover owner still if it was not for you, and I wouldn’t have the good friends I have in your family, if I hadn’t walked into your open doors.

Karma goes both ways, and I will do anything I can to help any of you, should the opportunity present itself.

Once again, Portland couldn’t count itself more blessed to have you taking care of so many, keeping us Rover owners on our lifelong Safari, on and off the road.

See you guys at our next oil change!

Your friend and loyal customer, Dereck S.

Alice F.

PDX-Bend British is one amazing and honest and fast and (yes FUN) place to take your Land Rover to, for repairs and general maintenance!

We own two Land Rovers, a Disco I and a P38. Both are old and need lots of love 🙂 We are AVID Land Rover fans and would do anything to keep our cars on the road and happy for many more years to come.

PDX British is an independent Land Rover repair shop and the ONLY one who we will EVER take our cars to. Francis and Elsa own the place and have been running it successfully for many years now (and they just expanded to Bend too!). They are honest and upfront with their diagnoses. Never have I been disappointed or displeased with anything they have ever done for both our cars.

Competitive pricing (let’s face it, Land Rover repairs are kinda pricey) and always punctual with their delivery of the finished (fixed) product.

I would highly recommend PDX British to anyone in need of maintenance and repair on their Land Rovers. Old or new. Big or small.

Thank you for keeping “Bessy” on the road!!

Alice F.


Francis & Terry:

WOW, what can I say but THANK YOU!

So here’s a Lady, driving home on a Thursday afternoon at 5pm [after my regular oil change appointment at PDX British], car decides to have a bit of an issue and nearly overheats itself [totally unrelated to the oil change] so I’m stuck on the side of the road, I call Terry who calls Francis and all of you came to help me. Not only were you there but you FIXED my car to boot after driving back and forth TWICE to get all the right parts and tools. So after 3 hours of tearing my car apart on a side street to figure out the problem and fix it, I was able to drive home safely, you guys really took care of me and went above and beyond the call of duty!!!!!!

Words can not express my gratitude.

Thank you again for your generosity,

2000 Land Rover Discovery owner

Robert C.


I will never forget your generosity and compassion when you helped me with my Range Rover EAS issues this week. You have obtained a customer for life and everyone I meet who owns a Rover will be told of PDX British and your excellent service. Again thank you and I’m sure we’ll see each other soon!

Robert C.

Chris U.

Francis, Terry and the rest of the gang,

I can’t thank you enough for maintaining my ’01 Discovery. Your knowledge, experience and professionalism are worth far more than what you charge. Too many automobile shops today treat customers with a certain amount of disdain, especially those who deal with vehicles of a “specialized” nature. It’s always refreshing to bring the Disco in for a visit and know I’ll be welcomed as a family member whether your merely changing the oil or engaging in something far more involved (like my head gaskets!). The LR owners in Central Oregon can rest easy now that you guys are on the job.

Your friend,

Chris U.
B737, Southwest Airlines
Silverton , OR

Matthew O.

Hey Francis,

Well thanks to you and your guys at PDX British, my wife Melissa, our newborn Jacob, and I made it safe and sound to San Carlos, Mexico all the way from the artic of Canada . Before we came in to get our Disco fixed, we were really worried that the expense of the work might put our road trip in jeopardy. We feel so blessed that you got us into the shop immediately, diagnosed the problems promptly, and quickly got us back on the road, all for a more than fair price. We really appreciate the help you gave us and will try and bring you a bottle of Tequila on our trip back north in December.

Again, thank you very much and I will send all my fellow Rover owners your direction.

Matthew O.

Yellowknife, Northern Territories, Canada

Anthony M.


Just wanted to drop a note to say how much of a pleasure it was having PDX British service my Discovery.

I really appreciate your concern and attention to detail with our vehicle, and your level of service is definitely something to be proud of.

By the way, feel free to give me a call whenever you or someone you know is in the market for a new home.


Anthony M.,

Leonard B.

To PDX British:

As promised, I am sending you a copy of the Humanitarian Service Medal document I gave to you, your dad, Stig, & your entire shop. I am also including some background on the medal itself. You have the miniature version that I wore on my dress uniform. It is an authentic medal and a smaller version of the larger. However, the larger wouldn’t fit in the frame well, so you have the smaller. They are both exactly the same “thing”, just of different sizes.

I earned that medal selflessly (or “unselfishly” as Stig said) with honor and no other motive than to help the Pilipino people that were in desperate need. I can still see their faces and tears to this day. Until your help (17 years post facto) today, I had lost a large portion of dignity in humanity over all. Please accept and understand that the inherent meaning of that medal, the “core” of it is EXACTLY what you, your dad, Stig (etc.) had displayed with me. You always seem to do that & in so doing, have restored the “good” of humanity within me. I can do whatever I want with that medal and there are no more deserving souls in my view than you & those I’ve mentioned above.

I wish I could do SO much more for your actions because people like you are the very fiber of goodness and nobody has ever done anything of honorable mention for me before despite the sacrifices I have made. I thank you all profusely. If any of you are ever in need of anything I can help you with (anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anything), please do not hesitate to ask. I WILL be there for you as you have been for me. I do not take this lightly, nor shall I ever forget your moral fiber, intestinal fortitude and continuously compassionate actions.

I look forward to sharing some beers upon my next oil change (let’s say). We can share thoughts and friendship further then.

Consider me your friend – ALL of you. I would be honored.

Best regards,
Leonard B.

Michelle K.

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience!

The professional, yet comfortable atmosphere is refreshing.

I appreciate doing business with PDX British.

Michelle K.

Jim B.

Hello Francis,

I wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your team.

After eight years, I still really like my Land Rover Defender! But I’ve never been confident about taking it to anyone for service. It seems like a straight forward vehicle, but I believe it deserves to be worked on by people who have plenty of experience with the model.

While it is a long drive back and forth from Bend, it was worth it. I was really impressed with your technical expertise and also with your passion for the Rover vehicles. I feel confident that you can take care of anything that comes up with my D90.

The truck is running great after you did the work – very noticeable return to normal power. This was pretty major work to complete while I waited for the vehicle. It was probably a stretch to finish all of the work in time for me to drive home Friday. Please extend a special thanks to the mechanic working on my vehicle – I know he was pushing to get it done, but still doing a quality job. Your personal effort with the machine shop to get the heads milled in short order was also much appreciated.

Thanks again – and see you next time.

Jim B.

Ryan S.

The Team at PDX British,

There have been very few times in my life where outstanding customer service has compelled me to put my thanks in writing. This is one of those rare instances.

I am sincerely thankful for the level of service I received at my recent visit. You went above and beyond my expectations. I feel as if you treated my Land Rover like it was your own, and you treated me like a close friend. I could go on and on with specifics, but I will just say that I appreciated your honesty, your expertise, your fairness, your timeliness, your attention to detail, your flexibility, and your great attitudes. You truly set a new standard.

I hope my words can serve as testimony to future customers for the type of service that your team offers. With this, you can expect plenty of referrals and my highest endorsement.


Ryan S.
Portland, Oregon


PDX British is the best independent Land Rover repair garage in Portland. In fact it is probably the only one!

I bought a Range Rover when I moved out here 5 months ago and I struggled with the idea of buying a used foreign car. Most of the struggles came from not precisely knowing the history of it and the high costs of having to fix something. I knew I needed a 60k mile service done so I called another shop. They wanted over $1,000 for it. Francis and PDX British did it for less than $500! Oil changes are only $25 if you go to their website and print off the coupon before you go.

PDX British have put my fears at ease and I know that I have an honest, thorough, and experienced auto mechanic that is very fairly priced. Now if only I can find an Audi guy for my wife’s car…


The Johnsons

Dear Francis,

We don’t even know how to begin thanking you. You have gone way beyond great customer service and helped us more than our own family members ever would. You have such a compassionate, giving heart and for that we are so grateful.

We pray for you and your family that God will bless all of you the way you have us.

Thank you,

The Johnsons

The Palomos


Thank you for your generosity. In a day where customer service is all but extinct you really showed us that it’s still alive and well!

We can’t thank you enough!

The Palomos

Alain C. R.


I just wanted to thank you for the prompt and excellent work you did on my Range Rover. I had just about given up having it ever run properly when I was given your phone number to call.

That phone call saved me from putting my Range Rover out of my misery. The courteous service, the knowledge and the ability to really narrow down a problem, solve it and do so in such a professional and friendly manner have made me a customer for life. I have already told a couple of my friends who own Rovers about you and I will continue to recommend you.

Thank you again my friend for everything.

Alain C. R.

Sam & Ursula K

Dear Francis,

It was a godsend to have you repair our Rover – and especially while we were on vacation.

We have been home now for 4 days and our car ran beautifully the whole rest of the vacation.

We thank you for your services – wish you were in our neck of the woods.

Thanks again!

Sam & Ursula K.
Sedona, Arizona

Tenetia S.

Dear Francis,

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service and personal care you and your son gave me. This is very rare to find in this day and age! I will never go anywhere else!

Thanks again.

My brakes are workin’ like a charm.


Tenetia S.
(2001 Land Rover Discovery)

Jon C.

Dear Sirs:

I’m writing to express my appreciation of your continuing fine services on my 1998 Land Rover Discovery. After becoming fed up with the service and fees of other Land Rover repair shops, I was intent on finding an independent shop that I could trust to work on my Land Rover. Fortunately, I discovered PDX British!

Having now relied on your shop several times, I’m pleased to say that I’ve found your organization to be no less than highly competent, fair, and professional on every occasion. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend your services to anyone already driving or thinking of purchasing a Land Rover.

Keep up the good work!

Sincerely yours,

Jon C., Portland, OR
Land Rover Driver Since 1999

Lynnette and Rick L.

It is not often I am compelled to write letters to or about a business. Quite frankly I don’t deal with businesses that so impress me with their quality service, and quality people that I want to tell others about them. When I do, I want them, and others, to know what a great job they are doing.

Francis the owner of PDX British is one of these rare individuals. He is not only exceptionally knowledgeable about Land Rover vehicles, more so than anyone I ever talked with at a dealership. But is also a business owner who does right by his customers. When I say this, I don’t mean he gives “good customer service” I mean he gives “exceptional customer service”.

He prides himself in helping his customers solve their vehicle problems, with solutions that are very cost effective. He knows Land Rovers so well, that he will fix a part, re-make a part, creatively modify a part or replace a part, leaving your vehicle working as good as you would expect, and often better, because he actually corrects problems that are inherent issues with Land Rovers. Land Rover like all car manufacturers has their little “quirks” which cause problems because of poor design, poor materials, etc. on certain parts. If you take your Land Rover to someone else, they will fix or replace these parts, but they will fix it with a part that has the same inherent issue as the first one. They can’t do anything else. Francis will fix the part, or replace the part with one that works well, but, he will also correct the flaws, defects, or design problems, so that this part won’t be a problem again.

His customer service goes beyond watching out for his customers financially, he is also an individual who cares about people, and will help his customers in ways you would never expect. An exceptional demonstration of this, is when he drove to Central Oregon, to bring his Land Rover computer to my car, so that he could override my alarm system that had quite effectively locked me out of my own car. He did this on a weekend, and saved us $600 or $700 dollars in towing, which would have been the cost to have the car towed to his shop. He did this with a graciousness that quite frankly caught me off guard. We don’t often run into people like this, and when we do, we need to make sure that they and others recognize how much we appreciate this kind and thoughtful approach to business.

Vehicles today are so complex, that without someone with the integrity and a business philosophy like Francis at PDX British, you are never quite sure when you are being “taken”. When you have a Land Rover, you have few options for vehicle repair if you want someone who knows what they are doing. I would recommend anyone with a Land Rover get all service done at Boulevard Imports. You can be confident in what he tells you is the problem, and how he suggests fixing it. You won’t feel like you need to guard your wallet, and you can be sure that “things” are going to be done right.

I’m sure I won’t always have a Land Rover, which causes me a problem….because then I will have to find a new repair shop, and I’m sure it won’t be easy to find one like PDX British.


Lynnette and Rick L.

Holly C.

Over a year ago I bought a used Range Rover and entered the strange and esoteric world of Land Rover. The mechanic I had been using and to whom I took my car to check out gave it a hearty thumbs up, and proceeded to tackle the numerous problems my car would take to, but could never solve them.

In frustration I called another Land Rover repair shop only to discover that they bill $125 an hour for their mechanics to look at my car, a hefty 50% increase over my usual hourly rate. I thus did a Google search and came upon PDX British and made my call.

Francis Watson answered the phone and listened to my woes. My car didn’t seem to be running right, my current mechanic couldn’t figure out it’s woes, Could he help me? First he said that he billed 70 an hour to work on cars, and that was a happy price. Then he told me to bring in my car and he would, free of charge, take a look at it. And so I did. Francis told me, with the gentle fortitude of a medical doctor telling their patient they are sick, that my car had several issues he had to fix, immediately. He was very forthright, and explained the numerous and various ways he would proceed to fix my car, which included shopping around for good used parts, Something almost no mechanic would bother doing.

He called me with updates, and was always extremely caring and concerned, as though he shared my angst.

He fixed my car, and has ever since taken great pains to be available to me at anytime. Not only does he change the oil for 1/2 the price of my other mechanic, he also tosses in things gratis (free); such as fixing a window that wouldn’t close.

Once I was driving home through the Redwoods from San Francisco and an emergency light went on. Francis took the time to call me on a weekend and step by step help me fix the problem on the road.

Not only is Francis Watson, and additionally his business, PDX British, the best and most efficient auto shop around, there is a priceless quality to his service that transcends business relationships.

Francis Watson is a friend. A friend to me, and I know, a friend to everyone who comes into his shop. He will give anyone not just stellar service and help, but a precious human touch, something both rare and beautiful.

Holly C.

A01(SEAL) Fernbaugh

To: Francis and the Staff @ PDX British
From: A01(SEAL) Fernbaugh
U.S. Navy, NOSC Portland

I just wanted to thank you and the staff for all of the great work you’ve done on my RR, I’m sure I would have sold it by now, if I had to depend on somone else to perform all of the work. I’ve found that you are better at diagnosing it, and cheaper than any shop I’ve dealt with, here or in San Diego.

Recently I brought the RR in for a heating problem, the other repair shop quoted me a list of repairs that were needed, and emphasized “that may not be the problem, but our experience tells us it is.”

I thought I’d get a second estimate from your shop. As it turned out the other shop wanted to fix everything except the problem, which would have cost me more than $1000 more than PDX British fixed it for.

Thanks again for being an honest shop, which does quality work – you’re one in a million!


A01(SEAL) Fernbaugh

Larry & Irene R.


We want to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf in securing payment from Land Rover Warranty for the repairs on our Discovery. We’re sure your knowledge and expertise played a large part in the positive outcome of that process. Your patient and thorough explanation of the necessary repairs to me, as well as your physical review of the vehicle itself, gave me confidence for that result. We are so pleased to have our truck back in prime condition, ready for any new adventure we can think of. Your new facility in Bend is an asset to all Northwest Land Rover enthusiasts and the local community. I was so pleased to meet your family and staff in your pleasant and comfortable office/lounge environment and witness the congenial, dedicated and knowledgeable service you all provide. We look forward to the opportunity of joining you on your next local adventure on the Oregon back roads.

Wishing you happiness & laughter,
Larry & Irene R.


Hi Francis! It was so nice to meet you today. I want to say THANK YOU again … for everything. I had no idea that taking my vehicle in for “service” would be so pleasant! You and Bob answered all my questions, fully explained everything, and never made me feel inexperienced (I’m still not sure how you guys managed that — since I am!). Even my kids were happy with the visit (thanks for the lollipops)! I’m looking forward to working with you and your team in the future!



Good news for Land Rover and Range Rover owners in Central Oregon! The same high quality complete maintenance service that has been available for Rovers in Portland from PDX Rovers is now available in Bend.

I have a ’94 D-90 that is my daily driver. I had to drive it ailing to Francis a year ago in Portland. I needed a new head gasket as well as some catalytic converter work – and the head milled along the way. While I hovered (and had a great opportunity for three days to observe the high quality of his PDX shop), he and his team went out of their way to get me back to Central Oregon after some major work. The repairs were excellent. In my thank you not to Francis, I asked him to open a shop in Bend. And I understand a lot of others had made that same request. Well, they are here.

I had routine maintenance done last week – same efficiency and quality I had come to expect.

As an aside, Francis is an ex-fighter pilot. When picking pilots to fly with, I’ve always believed that the combination of “science” (by the numbers) and “feel” (seat of the pants) were indicative of the best pilots. Francis approaches my D-90 that way. He put it on the diagnostic computer (extra challenging on a ’94), but also said, “I’m concerned about that exhaust note” – the computer caught a sensor problem, but Francis’s ear and experience found that a deteriorating muffler was pitting holes in the back portion of my exhaust system – the computer didn’t mention it.

I’m really relieved that I can keep driving my D-90 – I’ll feel confident about it as long as Francis and Bend British are here.

Jim B.

Hello Francis,

I wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your team.

After eight years, I still really like my Land Rover Defender! But I’ve never been confident about taking it to anyone for service. It seems like a straight forward vehicle, but I believe it deserves to be worked on by people who have plenty of experience with the model.

While it is a long drive back and forth from Bend, it was worth it. I was really impressed with your technical expertise and also with your passion for the Rover vehicles. I feel confident that you can take care of anything that comes up with my D90.

The truck is running great after you did the work – very noticeable return to normal power. This was pretty major work to complete while I waited for the vehicle. It was probably a stretch to finish all of the work in time for me to drive home Friday. Please extend a special thanks to the mechanic working on my vehicle – I know he was pushing to get it done, but still doing a quality job. Your personal effort with the machine shop to get the heads milled in short order was also much appreciated.

Thanks again – and see you next time.
Jim B.

Kim H.


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done. You’ve been extremely kind and thoughtful and you really made a huge effort to help me out which I’m very grateful for. It also feels great knowing I can take my car to your shop and be able to completely trust you and your team.

Thanks for the excellent customer service, you are the best!

Kim H.

Steve P.

To Terry & the Team:

Thanks for the great service. You got me in & out quick, and were thorough! Very much appreciated!

Steve P.

Cathi & Jerry M.

Dear Francis,

While this is not going to be a beautifully written thank you note as was your wife’s, it is heartfelt! Jerry and I appreciate the way you “do business” – with consideration and integrity. Thank you for accommodating me as a Salem customer with unexpected speed. I know that was a special effort since I was waiting. I appreciate the unexpected priority you gave me, getting me out of the shop hours earlier than expected and ahead of the traffic J Thanks, too, for taking the time to show me the faulty part and attempting to educate me on automotive repair 101 (for Dummies).

Also, I was impressed by your character and integrity, by refusing to take a short-cut for the gal who asked you to “flip a switch” without repairing the problem for a quick sale on her car. That was impressive! I loved what you said: “That is not who I am!” How absolutely refreshing.

Further, thank you for the unexpected discount of $100.00. That was very kind of you.

Cathi & Jerry M.

Salem, OR

Carrie W

Dear Francis,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job of tuning up and taking care of our Land Rover. It is always nice doing business with someone who has their own shop, who you feel you can trust and who doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage on the house to get my car repaired. I hope you have a terrific Spring, and if you have any real estate needs I would love to return the great service.


– Carrie W

Anna J

Dear Francis and PDX British Staff,

I’m writing this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your astonishing and sincere service each of you provided me while working on my Discovery II. The customer service received was refreshing and encouraging. The level of expertise, honesty and genuine service each of you presented me could not be found at any other shop… I feel a sigh of relief now that I’ve found PDX British and rest easy knowing that my current Discovery and future Land Rovers will be well taken care of by the highly qualified, dependable, caring staff at PDX British. Thank you!

Your New Rover Friend,

Anna J.
Portland, OR

Kay A

Dear PDX British,

I wanted to thank you again for your prompt service on my Range Rover.  After the atrocious experience I had at another place, I was angry at my husband for having purchased the Rover and I lived in fear of the day that it would need the service again.

You have restored my faith in the possibility of being treated fairly and professionally in the automotive service industry!  My fear is gone and in fact, I look forward to another visit to PDX British when the need arises.

Thanks again,

Kay A.
West Linn, OR