Hosting international Land Rover drivers.

We love to host international Land Rover drivers who are on lengthy driving excursions from Canada to the tip of South America (Tierra del Fuego being the goal) – many of them passing by Portland and/or Bend on their way down south. Over the years we’ve hosted and made wonderful friends from the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Wales, New Zealand, and South Africa. We offer free room & board* while we take the time to thoroughly inspect and service the Land Rovers (so far most of them being Defenders) plus we also set the owners up with basic parts for their trek. Being fluent in Spanish as well as well-traveled in South America, Francis has acted as a translator when a Land Rover has been in a shop “down south” and the drivers wanted to double-check a diagnosis and/or parts price. Francis’ knowing the vehicle has come in really handy when doing a long-distance co-diagnosis. *All we want in exchange for the travelers staying at “Hotel Watson” is a chance to converse and learn as much as possible about not only the driving excursion plans, but also about music/food/politics/society and work place trends, etc. from their various countries of origin. Looking back we can attest to the fact that Land Rover owners are so very cool, smart and diverse (but you already knew that, right?) An added bonus is that our young children are having as much a blast as we’re having and they sob when our visitors have to leave and go on with their driving excursion.

We cannot wait to see which nationality will knock on our (shop) door next.

Hereby leaving you with this camping in true Defender 110 style photo.

This is how you go camping ... in true Land Rover style.

This is how you go camping … in true Land Rover style.