April is Land Rover Care Month!

car care month

Did you know that April is National Car Care month? To us that naturally translates to: LAND ROVER CARE MONTH.

Remember that PDX British and Bend British are always available to help inspect and maintain your Land Rover. We want to be your partner as you gear up for the busy outdoor season coming towards us faster than fast. Most importantly, we want you to be safe and agile out on the (off) roads.

We’d like to share some easy tips for self-inspections:

1. Tires: Check tire pressure on all tires, check tread wear, and ask yourself if it is time for a rotation?

2. Light bulbs: Check for any burnt-out bulbs – especially center and high brake lights (…we bet you saw at least one other car today with a brake light out).

3. Fluids: Check all fluids under the hood. Also check your oil change sticker to see if you’re due for a visit to PDX British or Bend British … remember that we use quality oil and fluids.

4. Windshield wiper blades: Inspect and replace your windshield wiper blades – keeping in mind that most should be replaced every 6-12 months. We change our own wipers more often as we drive back and forth between PDX and Bend British on a weekly basis and all that wiping takes a toll. Another hint from our family to yours: keep a set of extra wires on-board your Land Rover in case you need to have them changed in the middle of nowhere.

5. Air filters: Check both your engine air filter as well as your cabin air filter. Remember it’s pollen season and you might be surprised by the gunk you’ll encounter. Call us, if you need any replacements.

Again, we are always here to assist you with inspections and other maintenance. Give us a call ahead of time so we can accommodate you in our schedule:

PDX British: 503-595-6600

Bend British: 541-617-1111

Cheers, Francis & Crew.